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  • Trauma Recovery

    Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, natural disaster, or rape.  These types of traumas are what we would call large traumas.  However, there are traumas that are the result of a life-changing event such as; relational trauma, traumatic grief, and religious trauma. We provide space to help you heal from these types of traumas.  

    Relational Trauma

    Relational trauma is the result of abuse, neglect, and suffering by people that we love. This includes intimate, familial, and platonic relationships. Being involved in narcissistic relationships may also contribute to relational trauma.  Relational trauma can also start in childhood. When there is instability in a child feeling physically and emotionally safe the after-effects may be carried into adulthood resulting in; neediness, uncontrollable emotions, poor self-esteem, inability to maintain healthy relationships,  mistrust of intimacy, manipulative or selfish behavior, negativity, or depression just to name a few.   

    Traumatic Grief

    Grief is a normal response to the loss of someone close, but traumatic grief is the response to a sudden or unexpected loss. Traumatic grief often leads to complicated grief or even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The emotions associated with this type of grief are more intense than normal grief, and it may be more difficult to manage. 

    Religious Trauma

    Religious trauma is the response to spiritual abuse.  Spiritual abuse involves coercion, control, or exploitation by another person in a spiritual context. It can come from a faith leader or a partner who uses spiritual or religious beliefs or doctrine to exert power over you.  Spiritual abuse can involve verbal, emotional, and/or physical violence. You may experience fear of spiritual consequences if you don’t conform to a particular doctrine or control of the abuser.