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  • Life Coaching

    Coaching is a bit different from traditional psychotherapy or counseling, as its focus is more goal-directed. Coaching meets the individual where they are and move them forward to a more promising future. Coaching helps you to develop goals for your life and implement plans to help achieve those goals. Limiting beliefs are also identified in coaching, and tools are provided to help you move past those beliefs.

    As a coach, I integrate spirituality into my sessions bringing into balance mind, body, and spirit. I draw from Eastern and Western practices along with integrating your faith or helping you to find a new spiritual path. There is a direct correlation between spirituality and our mental well-being. Spirituality is a sense of connecting to something greater than ourselves. It helps us to look within and understand our role and purpose in the universe. This helps you to know yourself at a deeper level which in turn helps you to fulfill your purpose and destiny.

    Some of the most common things that coaching can help with:

    • Low self-esteem
    • Setting life goals
    • Questioning the meaning of life, finding purpose
    • Questioning your faith
    • Seeking a new spiritual path
    • Church conflict
    • Changing Careers
    • Preparing to relocate or move abroad
    • Developing healthy relationships
    • Preparing for marriage or divorce
    • Becoming a new mom
    • Basic astrology and chakra system